Seat ventilation

Increasingly, the automotive and commercial vehicle industry is using intelligent technology in seats as a way to prevent trapped heat. The active seat ventilation makes driving a pleasure, even at temperatures as hot as 40°C. While the climate control system provides gentle cooling to the front of the body, seat ventilation helps to prevent heat from being trapped between the body and the surface of the seat.

Fans from ebm-papst are embedded in seat cushions and backrests.

Automakers and system suppliers have for years called on ebm-papst first when they need reliable integration of low-noise, perfectly tuned fans into the active seat ventilation system. Fans "made by ebm-papst" do their job reliably, quietly, and efficiently. Embedded in the seat cushion or backrest, up to 8 of these miniature climate machines provide wide-area ventilation of the parts of the body that contact the seat.

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