More movement in manufacturing and transport

Ever more complex, ever more dynamic. The transport, handling and sorting of goods in factories, in terminal buildings, in shipping and distribution centres and between major warehouses are becoming ever more intricate as workflow processes become more elaborate. Rationally and reliably managing transport processes means exploiting substantial savings potential.


Decentralized drive systems from ebm-papst are employed in order to optimally exploit this potential. These make a lasting reduction in costs for warehouse equipment, for driverless transport systems, for roller conveyor systems, for conveyor belts, for sorting and picking machines and for pallet systems. In this way, you benefit from variable conveying speeds, extremely smooth running, long service life and low susceptibility to disruption.
In addition, the decentralized controllable drive systems also offer substantial energy savings potential with the dynamic "Power on Demand" control system.

Drive systems from ebm-papst guarantee short response times, even for highly dynamic processes, maximum reliability and controllability – enabling you to move even more in the future.

Highly dynamic drive systems from ebm-papst include:

  • Reliable, controllable drive systems for conveyor belt systems
  • Roller drives completely integrated in the conveyor belt roller
  • Dynamic drive systems for cross-belt sorting machines
  • Start-stop compatible drive systems for sorting and picking machines
  • Compact drive systems for pallet systems
  • Communications-compatible drive systems for shelf control systems
  • Compact drive systems with high energy efficiency and power density for driverless transport systems

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