ebm-papst's testing equipment.
ebm-papst's testing equipment.

However, along with this trust comes responsibility. ebm-papst stands for the highest reliability throughout all stages of product development: from the first idea to manufacturing to the delivery of our finished products. In this way, we "produce" satisfaction-and are measured by that standard every day. Particularly in the automotive industry, "zero defects" is the catch phrase of the day. With customer satisfaction as their foremost goal, our dedicated manufacturing and production employees work hard to meet these expectations. They not only meet these expectations, they exceed them!

One world, one level

Whether produced in one of our six factories in Germany or one of our eleven international production sites, our products always have the same high level of quality. Quality planning and preventive quality monitoring in all stages of production, including zero-defect programs, characterize our exemplary quality philosophy. We live by and implement this philosophy in all our factories every day.

No compromises

All products must undergo the most difficult test procedures under all real-world conditions of use, including the continuous stress test, salt spray test and vibration test. Tested characteristics include the air flow, pressure increase, operating noise level, cooling efficiency and many others. Only when all of the desired characteristics are present does the product go into production. The sum of all these details - small as they may appear - are fan and drive products with above-average service life and reliability.

The marathon fan - it keeps running…and running…and running

The best example of our quality philosophy is the marathon fan, a standard product from many years ago. Our "veteran", one of millions of units that were mass-produced for decades, is a test specimen that has been running in our laboratory for over 185,000 hours with no symptoms of fatigue. It is the symbol of the quality consciousness of the founding years of the company - a consciousness that has not only lasted, but has actually increased over the years. Today, we use the principles and instrumentation of state-of-the-art industrial engineering to create more and more products with the same high quality as the marathon fan.

Certified quality

All of our quality efforts, for both products and services, are documented in a comprehensive quality management system.