Fans and climate control components

For many years, renowned bus manufacturers have installed air-conditioning systems with brushless and wear-free centrifugal blowers and axial fans from ebm-papst. These products are also being used increasingly for climate control and ventilation of driver's cabs in trucks, tractors, and construction equipment as well as transport refrigeration systems.

EC double centrifugal blowers

In modern commercial vehicles, EC technology is increasingly becoming the standard. Our new second-generation EC axial fans and EC double centrifugal blowers set the trend in commercial vehicle climate control around the world and have also proven their excellent performance in hot climates and tropical regions.

They not only fulfill today's increased expectations for comfort, they also have a wear-free working time of over 25,000 hours. A wide variety of climate control system manufacturers rely on our experience and excellent skills in our core competencies of motor development, aerodynamics, and electronics.

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